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Our Work


Showcasing a distinctive aesthetic, whether figurative or abstract paintings and sculptures, Abel’s talent of mixing materials from ceramics and wood to acrylic and metal is unique. At Abel Art Studio, art is much more than technique, aesthetics or artistic methods. It must provoke emotions and stimulate the senses every time it is admired. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, our uncompromising level of quality yields exclusive results.


This is why Abel is passionate about integrating the client’s experiences, goals, dreams, and personality into every work. The end result is a high-end, personalized work of art. The client meets directly with the artist without galleries or intermediaries. This gives us the opportunity to fully understand your needs, sensibilities and perspectives; as a result of this close collaboration the artist is fully inspired. We can also take in consideration decorative styles and aspects of the room where the work will be installed. Working with private collectors, residential spaces and commercial projects, we always focus on making each piece an invaluable investment to enhance your lifestyle.

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